Our Products

The Plant presently produces two products

for use as an intermediate product for manufacture of Steel Rolled products

TMT Bars have a hard outer surface and soft core. It helps making the Steel corrosion resistant and imparts ductility so that they do not crack during use.

TMT Bars are used widely for construction purposes. It is used for normal house-building and various other concrete structures extensively. It is also used as reinforcement for critical applications e.g., Dam, Bridges etc.

Presently, the Steel Plant manufactures MS Ingots and TMT Bars of all the popular sizes from 8 mm to 22 mm as per the following specifications:

1. B500B Class Steel Re-bars​  as per Standard EN 10080:2009

2. A 500C as per GOST R 52544 – 2006

Product Specifications

Our TMT confirms to A 500C as per GOST R 52544 – 2006 standards

Our product also conforms to B 500B