Process of Manufacturing

Manufacturing is mainly divided into two parts

Steel Melting Shop (SMS)

Ingot / TMT are produced through the Induction Furnace Route. The primary Raw Material is MS Scrap. MS Scrap is first segregated and graded scrap which is found suitable is then Shredded or Bailed in a Bailing Press.

Such Scrap is then fed into an Induction Furnace for melting. At an intermediate stage the molten metal is metallurgically analysed by drawing samples and analysed in a Spectrometer as also by Chemical Analysis. On the basis of the results additives e.g., Ferro Alloys are added in required quantity to the melt. Before tapping the Furnace final sample is drawn from the Heat and if the metallurgical chemistry is right the Furnace is tapped. The molten steel is poured into a bank of Ingot Moulds. On solidification the formed Ingots are extracted from the Moulds.

Rolling Mill

Metallurgically screened Ingots obtained from SMS are fed into a Temperature Controlled Reheating Furnace. The Ingots are soaked in this Furnace to bring it to the right temperature so that they are ready for being rolled into TMT. The Rolling Mill is mainly divided into 8 (eight) stages.

  1. Roughing Stands
  2. Intermediate Stands
  3. Semi-finished Stands
  4. Finished Stands
  5. Water Quenching Box (for heat treatment)
  6. Flying Shear
  7. Cooling Bed
  8. Collection Trough

Samples are taken intermittently to check whether rolled material has the required physical property i.e., Dimension as also other physical parameter i.e., UTS / YS etc.  


UTS Machine – for checking the physical and mechanical properties of TMT Bars like tensile strength, elongation etc.

Spectrometer – we have fully equipped modern laboratory to test all chemical properties / elements

Product Specifications

Our TMT confirms to A 500C as per GOST R 52544 – 2006 standards